This topic is particularly important and unavoidable, regardless of how much most people might be ignorant, neglect or pretend about it. Married couples, singles, old, young and other special people; all have issues that they’d prefer to solve than live with. We discovered that most people would rather go to a sex shop than visit a doctor with issues like sex, because of the sensitivity. Some people are shy or find it embarrassing to discuss sex related issues for reasons such as being seen as weak, ill, deficient or even as a pervert, but with us they are comfortable because our Sex shop already makes it obvious that such cases are very normal, with remedies right on display before them.

For most people, Sex toys mean
1. Their partners cannot satisfy them
2. Makes partners feel less for each other
3. One can get addicted to it
4. They are mechanical and not romantic


Sex Toys are NOT meant to replace partners, but to enhance their sex life, with the following benefits:

-They lead to more sexual satisfaction, by enabling you experiment and explore your body

-They help to increase your libido, to achieve better orgasm,
thereby lowering anxiety and depression

-Couples who use Sex Toys together are more likely to have better and lasting relationship, because they are more open and practical with each other. They try out different things in different ways which brings sparkles and spices to the bedroom, thereby eliminating the chance of getting bored with each other and reducing the likelihood of cheating

-They help with sexual dysfunction, which both men and women can suffer from. Example, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation,
dryness, low libido, etc. A lot of women never have orgasm during sex, while some manage to with much struggle, but with help of Sex Toys partners can reach climax.

-They help to substitute in the absence of a partner

-In the case where one partner is not well endowed or lacking in performance,
Sex Toys play good rolls

-Sex Toys are like icing on the cake

-During love making, which is usually passionate and sensual, sex toys help to make the journey more exciting

-People in their private moments get bored, anxious and horny, Sex Toys help, rather than dashing off to cheat and breaking hearts.
Our Therapy points: the medical doctor in most cases will not advice or does not know much about practical sex and its works,
although he or she will give the best advice on healthy tips and prescription drugs. The religious head is usually limited with his or
her ideas for curbing infidelity, abuse and other inter-personal disputes due to religious beliefs and practices. Even when a customer goes to see a marriage counselor or therapist, which is quite rare in Nigeria, the counsellor might do very well with resolving disputes and commanding reconciliations, however, in most cases, the veiled problems still remain:

Performance anxiety, sexual difficulties or dysfunctions and dissatisfaction!

At SPLENDOURZ, we give a lot of explanations, answer so many questions, give practical and detailed description of items and make meaningful suggestions and solutions. Some people have problems that go as far as threatening their relationships and marriages and they expect us to handle them because they are related to sex, infidelity, negligence, suppression, depression, social orientations, abuses (domestic violence), religious and cultural beliefs, etc. We have no inhibition; therefore, no matter how strange your personal views and ethics, religion, sexual orientation, cultural practices and social opinion, feel welcome because to us it makes no difference. Our counselling is neutral and non-judgmental. People are different! We know it.

There’s really nothing better than great Sex. It’s a crucial part of life and one of the most pleasant human experiences ever. Using Sex Toys can help deliver a satisfying sexual climax alone or with a partner. Sex is as much a part of my life as food and drink is. And at SPLENDOURZ, we do Sex therapy and we have a fully loaded Sex shop. At least for curiosity, kindly visit us and Experience the Finest.
Address: Plot 68a Woji road, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt.
Tel: 09092916470

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