Our Parties

Our parties and other exhilarating activities and entertainments includes; cabaret, burlesque, costume parties, cross-dressing parties, pyjamas parties, valentine coupled parties, colour parties, after parties, bunny parties, spooky Halloween parties, wild New year’s eve parties, mask parties and other kinds of very private parties.

Did you know that you do not necessarily need an occasion to have a Private Adult party?
If you get bored and want some fun, or just want to add colour and spice to your life, then know that Indulge will turn any night into an unforgettable memory of fun and excitement for you and your guests.

If you have a special event coming up, getting us involved will most certainly kick up the entertainment. It could be a Stag (Bachelor’s) night, Hen (Bachelorette or spinster’s) night, girls’ night out, birthday parties, anniversaries, Valentine, naughty Halloween parties, company parties, club parties, shades of grey parties, games night, coded parties, pyjama parties, erotic mask parties and other wild parties – you can suggest to us! Don’t worry, we won’t tell, if you don’t!

We also organise fun packed Getaways & Retreats for couples or groups who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, to go away together for a weekend or short vacation.

It could be a group of just Ladies or just Guys going away from the opposite sex, for purpose of fun and games meant for their gender, time for them to be themselves, let out, have a bit of harmless gossips and be naughty, time & space for them to reflect on their lives and relationships.

It could be a group of Couples getting away, giving themselves the opportunity to share experiences that can bring them closer and strengthen their friendship for a lifetime. Bearing in mind that there is bound to be fun and strife, it gives them the chance to see the other couples in different ways and partners get to see each other in different ways as well. At the end of the Retreat, a lot is exposed, attended to and hopefully fixed; Indulge will do their best to ensure that the results are POSITIVE, which is the Essence in the first place, and an arm from our Couples Counselling & Sex Therapy division.

To Book a Party, kindly contact our Customer Service for more details and guidelines.
You must be over 21 years of age to attend or host our Private Adult Parties, an identification might be required!