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You are not permitted to use this Website, if you have any criminal convictions in relation to any form of violence and harassment in any country (excluding driving offences) or have any history of mental illness.

By being on this website, you are confirming that you are physically and mentally fit, and do not have any health or medical conditions that can affect you during your companionship with our Massage Therapists.

Payments are made ONLY to the agency before service is provided. Kindly make payments through mobile or Internet bank transfer or use of nearby ATMs. Sorry, we do not accept cash nor cheques, except at the office directly. Payment shall not be deemed to have been made until we have received cleared funds in respect of the full amount due or outstanding in our bank account.

-Please do NOT Tip nor make any payment to our Personnel, it is against our Policy.

-Please do NOT exchange telephone numbers, or disclose your contacts and identity to our Personnel, it is against our Policy.

-Please do NOT engage in any form of activities nor relationship outside the Agency with our Personnel, it is against our Policy.

-Please do NOT disrespect, abuse nor try to harm our Personnel, it is against our Policy.

Note: Our Personnel are fully aware that it is a very serious offence and violation of the rules   of the Agency, to steal, remove, move from position or take without permission that which belongs to a client, or to use any identity, disclosure or information observed and obtained      from the Client or Service in order to harass, abuse, blackmail or harm a Client.

Therefore, in order to protect both parties, the Agency is entitled to investigate where it perceives that behaviours or conducts by either you or our Personnel are, or could be regarded as inappropriate, unlawful, illegal or prohibited by our terms, we will not hesitate to revoke or sue you or the Personnel for breach of contract under the British and Nigerian law.

It is a violation of the rules of the Agency if by any means you should do any of the above. Where this should occur, you do this entirely at your own risk and the Agency reserves the right to terminate the contract of the Personnel and bar you the client from further use of our Services.

Without prejudice to your Cancellation Rights, in the event of cancellation/or termination of this agreement, all payments by you to the agency are refundable but at a deduction of N15,000. This is towards the Personnel travel costs and for agency admin fees.

We strictly operate on a No Credit Policy.

All prices are inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax)

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